Presenting The Universal Fest to the Wednesday service at Cummings Street Ministries:


The main event is The Universal Fest on the 6th and 7th of October 2012 at the Cummings Street Ministries, 8800 Winchester Avenue (Between Hacks Cross Rd & Forrest Hill Irene), Memphis, TN.

The Kickoff in November 2011 was the prelude to that event.
We had it almost a year in advance of the Universal Fest.

We do not have too much time. Enough to schedule all the events in the meantime to build up the momentum as we plan the Universal Fest.

This Kickoff had BIG invitees for the function. It was a grand success and we had almost 70 sign-ups. That is precisely why we want YOU to be a part of it as well! We are thankful to the National Civil Rights Museum who offered us the venue when they came to know what we are doing for the community!!

Join us on Facebook: 1 Universe. Be a part of 1 Universe!

Based on your experience and expertise, volunteer to be on the Committees, Directors of Committees or serve on the Board.
And yes. We have gone global!!! But we do need you and your participation in all the events