1 Universe, inc. is now a global non-profit promoting Love, Peace and Harmony amongst people from all races, religions, cultures, ethnicities all over the world!!!

Our World Head Quarters are in Memphis, TN. USA. Through the messages of love, peace and harmony we have spread throughout the world, we have received request from people from different parts of the world to establish and replicate what we have done and are doing in Memphis. We are proud to say that currently, apart from Memphis, we have offices in London, UK and Pune, India.

More offices are coming up soon.

We are planning the offices in the following cities all over the world:

Washington DC, USA

Edison, NJ, USA

Houston, TX, USA

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Mumbai, India

Sydney, Australia

and more to come… many more …

Join us on Facebook. We would love you to have your input in promoting love all over the world. Our Facebook group page is: 1 Universe