Cancer Research

1 Universe, Inc is an integral part of Cancer Research

1 Universe starts this research program that will be done in three countries, starting January 2013.

The Countries are:

United States of America



The top 5 cancers that will be dealt with:






We are working towards raising funds for the research and need your help. The amount to be raised is 2 Million USD

Please contact us for information regarding this project and to let us know how you will be able to help us fund this project.

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call us at 001-901-849-DEEP (3337)


Our technology is based upon a novel StemPro Technological Platform (STP) for identification, isolation and large-scale propagation of CSCs for the purpose of treatment and prevention of primary and metastatic tumor growth. We suggest to apply STP as a tool to define CSC-specific antigens and novel molecular targets for developing vaccines and drugs to fight CSC. STP allows large-scale production of cloned CSCs as antigenic resources to design compositions for systemic and customized StemoVaccines based on dendritic cells, transgenic T cells and chimeric T-cell receptors, peptides, chimeric peptides and nucleic acids.

We developed  a novel technology to eradicate tumor metastases, tumor recurrence and drug resistance which are most responsible for mortality from cancer. The basis for this technology is the discovery within the tumors rare cells, CSC, responsible for invasion and disseminating malignancy through the body because of increased capacity to initiate tumor growth. In addition to mediating metastases CSCs are responsible for tumor recurrence and resistance to treatment.  The main feature of these cells is stemness, or ability to maintain pluripotency and self-renewal. These cells exhibit heterogeneous cell surface phenotype and form tumor in vivo and spheres in vitro. It was shown that some of cells within the sphere lack stem cell markers and possess markers of differentiation. Due to heterogeneity of cells within the spheres or heterogeneity based on cell surface markers and lack of approaches to propagate CSC in industrial volumes it is hard to isolate pure population of CSCs and expand them in quantities enough for developing standardized antigenic resources for different vaccines targeting metastasis and recurrent tumor growth.

We discovered that  using the transfection of tumor cells with a special genetic construct  it is possible to identify rare “true” CSC within the population of tumor cells, and then to manipulate in vitro by propagating cells or in vivo by determining  tumorigenicity in immunodeficient animals. It  also makes possible to  purify CSC population using Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS). We formulated defined medium which supports growth of pure population of CSC.  It provides unique opportunity to expand CSC in industrial volumes as required in a vaccine industry.

Propagation of CSC clones  in large quantities is required for developing  CSC-specific  antigenic resources for vaccines (genetically transduced CSC, dendritic cell-based vaccines. Antigens of CSC might be loaded onto antigen-presenting cells as a whole cells, or cell extract, or proteins, or peptides obtained from CSC using extraction or mass-spectrophotometry, or as potentially immunogenic peptides predicted to fit class I or class II MHC molecules derived from proteins over-expressed  in CSC. Antigen-presenting cells loaded with the CSC antigenic cargo will induce CSC-specific or epitope-specific T cells. Inducing these responses in cancer patients with StemoVaccine or transferring T cells with T-cell receptors specific for CSC antigens will directly target the minor subset of CSC representing the most dangerous malignant cells. Immunotherapy will definitely contribute to cure tumors and prevent metastasis and post treatment tumor recurrence.

Briefly, StemPro Technological Platform provides methods to isolate, expand and accumulate in any quantities the subset of cancer stem cells (CSC). CSC accumulated with the help of disclosed methods might be used as antigenic resources or polyantigens for developing StemoVaccines to induce protective cytotoxic responses against the minor but most life threatening tumor cell subsets.