1 Universe is a cohesive synergic alliance working towards the togetherness, the oneness of people from diverse races, ethnicities, cultures, countries, races and religious backgrounds to form a greater understanding and impact to create phenomenal collective communal muscle power to combine strength from varied backgrounds that far exceeds any power each individual association, group or faction could ever muster. This encompasses celebrating our own varied races, ethnicities, cultures and several national roots.

This is 1 Universe.
Come, let us celebrate it!

Purpose of 1 Universe is to:

  • Celebrate culture, race, religion and ethnic roots of all Americans
  • Translate conversations from tolerance to acceptance to celebration
  • Promote Universal love amongst everyone
  • Promote Equality and Inclusion
  • Give back to the Community
  • Promote camaraderie and Universal love
  • Enhance cultural and economic development
  • Eliminate crime and violence.
  • Offer good role models and create a higher purpose for kids and youths

1 Universe, Inc was established to promote the Roots, Arts, Culture and Heritage of people from all over the world. Universal Fest is a three-fold celebration held in various cities throughout the world. First, we promote Arts, culture, history and heritage of people from around the globe. Second, we use Art and culture to elevate local community issues in those particular cities. Third, we take several communities around the world to International level by: (A) Promoting Cross Cultural-Exchange between The US and the world And  (B) Use this ‘Art Tie’ between countries in Promoting Cross-Business Tie-Ups between US and the world!